Company Activities

Primary Business Activity:

Global Trading, Exports, Imports, Distributors, Agents, Sub-vendor item negotiation, Business Procurement Consultancy etc. for promotion of large Engg. Project.

Product Information:

[Exports]: Jute, Hessian cloth, Jute Bag, PP Woven Bags, Kraft Paper Bag, Bee Wax, Horse Rug, Shuttle bag, Fine Tea in bag or jar, Raw rubber, Finished leather, Leather products, Handicrafts, Plastic products, Crockery, Finished food item, Fresh or Canned fruits, Fruit juice, Bag cement, Food grain, Vegetable, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Chemical Fertilizer, Order made garments, Fine cloth for shirting & suiting, Cotton & Jute yarn based handmade products and Carpets, handloom products, Artificial flower.

[Imports]: Bleached Pulp, Security paper, paper currency note, coin, passport, News print, Writing paper, White paper savings, Corrugated paper, Printing ink & Paper manufacturing machinery, Paper & Plastic re-cycling machinery, Cement clinker, Leather Chemicals, water treatment chemical, Chemical & Fertilizers, Hospital & Medical equipments all sorts including consumables & furniture, Fire fighting & prevention equipment for transformer, Construction & Moving equipment, Port & Container handling equipment, High pressure natural gas valves, Regulators, SAW & ERW Line pipe, Casing pipe, Drill pipe, Gas well exploration Rig & Acc., Cathodic protection materials, Pig launcher & receivers, Scraper trap, Ductile Iron Pipes & fittings, UPVC pipes & injection moulded fittings, Semi- finished Alu & copper for cable manufacturing, 1-Ph & 3-Ph Electromechanical & Electronic Energy Meter, Programmable Energy Meter, Socket type Energy Meters, Pre-payment metering package basis, Gas Meters, Water Meters, MV & HV Shunt Reactor, Switchgears (SF6 or Vacuum), GIS, Disconnectors, Lightning Arresters, Electrical switches, Voltage Regulator, Auto Circuit Re-closer, Capacitor Bank in rack and Switched type capacitor (oil or SF6), Relay & Control panel, Substation automation, VHF & Radio Equipment (for substation), CT & PT, Insulator with fittings & Insulator string sets, Overhead Insulated Conductors, Bare Conductors, LV Cables, MV & HV U/G Cables (armoured / un-armoured) & Acc. Submarine Cable & Acc., Optical Fiber cable, Telephone cable & Acc, Wooden Poles, Rail Fasteners Clip, Rail, Railway sleeper (steel / wood), Signaling equipment, Diesel Electric Locomotive, Passenger carriage & wagon, High Tensile Steel Wires, Ropes, Steel sections, Steel Sheets & Coil, Galvanized steel sheet & Copper tube, Steel Structure, Lattice tower, Galvanized Steel Poles & fittings. Domestic & Industrial Generators, Power Transformers, On-grid solar power system, Photovoltaic system, offshore & onshore wind power plant, CNG Conversion Kits & Refueling stations equipment.


Diesel Power Plant, Simple Cycle/ Combined Cycle / Gas Turbine Power Plant / Thermal Power Plant / Waste based power plant / Rice hull Power Plant / Hydropower station / Straw fired power plant and related spares & services, Electrical Substation (Conventional & GIS), Mobile Substation, Mobile Power Generation System, Electricity Transmission Line(O/H & U/G), Gas Regulating & Metering Station, Gas Booster Compressor station, H. P. Gas Transmission pipeline, Roads & highway, Railway Track & Embankment, Flyover, River Bridge, plant for Ground or Surface water treatment plant & Purification Plant for drinking water, Telecommunication, Signaling equipment & services for railway, Railway track laying & maintenance., Railway Lighting services on turnkey basis.


Ropeway system (cable car) & Large Marine Aquarium, Fantasy Park for tourist amenities and attraction at Cox's Bazar (longest sea beach & a most beautiful tourist spot in Asia) on turnkey basis, Sea crossing type tourist vessel capacity for minimum 500 tourists to ply between Cox's Bazar & Saint Martin (single largest coral island) approx 35 mile inside the Bay of Bengal of Bangladesh.

[Local whole sale & distributions]: Food Grains, Refined & Industrial Salt, Edible oil, Cement, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer goods, House hold items, Hospital & Medical Equipment, Furniture & consumables, Fashionable items, Food items, Bath room fittings, Kitchen items, Water filter, Water heater.

(a) Business Procurement Consultancy Services, for Promotion of Large Engineering Projects with multilateral finances, Supplier's Credit. BOOT or BOO projects under public sector of Bangladesh for securing the projects business irrespective of type & size.

(b)Sub-vendor items negotiation for turnkey project through the local & foreign Turnkey Contractors, EPC Contractors & Developers within SAARC Countries.

[Proposed Future Expansion]:
  • To build up Import substitute and or Export oriented MV & HV Power Cable manufacturing plant with back up of reputed foreign manufacturer and or investor.
  • To build up Import Substitute and or Export oriented Motor tyre manufacturing plant with back up of globally reputed manufacturer.
  • To build up Import Substitute and or Export oriented manufacturing plant for wooden pencil & all other office stationary (factor endowment basis) with back up of globally reputed manufacturers.
  • To build up import substitute and or export oriented manufacturing plant for Hospital Furniture, consumables with back up of globally renowned manufacturers.
  • To buildup seasonal fruit (pineapple, mango) processing and canning plant.
  • To build up import substitute and or Export oriented manufacturing or assembly plant for MV & HV Switchgear, CT, PT, L.A. Disconnector, Substation Switches with technical collaboration of world reputed company of USA/West Europe/Japan.
  • To build up large Freezing plant for preserving of seasonal vegetable, fruits & fresh fish as a joint venture with world reputed company.
  • To avail of investment proposal of overseas conglomerate for establishing any sort of 100% export oriented industry in Bangladesh.