Project Description

Distribution Line Products
IAC manufactures the entire range of Earthwire Accessories which includes Suspension Clamps, Tension Clamps, Midspan Compression Joints, Repair Sleeves, Vibration Dampers, Flexible Copper Bond, Cleat Clamp, Pad Clamp, etc. These fittings have long withstood the test of time and are manufactured using the best technology in casting, forging, machining and galvanising. Here is a glimpse of some of our products.

Anchoring Clamp (Wedge type) for AB Cable

Eye Bolt

IPC for Insulated Cable


Pig tail Bolt

Pipe Earthing

Pole Top Pin

Preformed Deadend

Pre-Insulated Junction Sleeve

Side Tie

Steel Cross Arm

Suspension Clamp for AB Cable

Suspension Clamp with Bracket for AB Cable

Tension Clamp for AB Cable

Thimble Eye Bolt

Top Tie