Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB)2021-03-11T14:38:43+06:00

Principal: M/s. PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk. Indonesia
1. Contract No.REB/DP/OECF-BD-P37/OF-100 (IV-C)/98-99. Item Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Quantity: 2,500 KM. Amount US$ 581,625.00
2. Contract No.REB/DP/LF-840(7000KM) 2000-2001. Item Duplex Cable # 3 AWG. Qnty : 450KM. Amount : 212,400.00
3. REB/DP/LF-842(12 PBS)/753/2000-2001. Item: Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty: 1,400 KM. Amount: US$350,000.00
4. REB/DP/LF-842(12 PBS)/757/2000-2001. Item: Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 1,500. Amount: US$375,000.00
5. REB/DP/LF-843(12 PBS)/757/2000-2001). Item: Duplex cable # 3 AWG. Qnty: 700KM. Amount US$330,400.00
6. REB/DP/LF-843(12 PBS)/754/2000-2001). Item: Duplex cable # 3 AWG. Qnty : 700KM. Amount US$330,400.00
7. REB/DP/LF-845(18 PBS-II)/758/2000-2001). Item: Duplex cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 1500KM. Amount US$375,000.00
8. REB/DP/LF-849(7000KM)/785/2000-2001. Item: Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 2,600 KM. Amount US$676,000.00
9. REB/DP/LF-867(15 PBS-II)/786/2000-2001. Item: Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 2,500 KM. Amount US$ : 650,000.00
10. REB/DP/OECF-BD-P37/OF-100(IV-C)/98-99. Item : Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 2,500 KM. Amount US$581,625.00
11. REB/DP/LF-840(7000KM) 2000-2001. Item : Duplex Cable # 3 AWG : 450KM. Amount US$212,400.00
12. REB/DP/LF-842(12 PBS)/753/2000-2001 Item : Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 1,400 KM. Amount US$350,000.00
13. REB/DP/LF-842(12 PBS)/757/2000-2001 Item: Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 1,500 KM. Amount US$375,000.00
14. REB/DP/LF-843(12 PBS)/757/2000-2001 Item : Duplex Cable # 3 AWG. Qnty : 700 KM. Amount US$330,400.00
15. REB/DP/LF-843(12 PBS)/754/2000-2001 Item : Duplex Cable # 3 AWG. Qnty : 700 KM. Amount US$330,400.00
16. REB/DP/LF-845(18 PBS-II)/758/2000-2001 Item : Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 1,500KM. Amount US$375,000.00
17. REB/DP/LF-849(7000KM)/785/2000-2001 Item: Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 2,600KM. Amount US$676,000.00
18. REB/DP/LF-867(15 PBS)/786/2000-2001 Item : Duplex Cable # 6 AWG. Qnty : 650,000.00KM. Amount US$650,000.00
19. REB/DP/IDA/2GLR-5.9/57/2003-2004 Item : D-12 (Conductor, # 3 Duplex) Qnty : 1200KM. Amount : 654,000.00
20. REB/DP/IDA/1GLR-5A.3/08/2002-2003 Item : D-11 (Conductor, # 6 Duplex) Qnty : 3100 KM. Amount : 707,420.00
21. REB/DP/IDA/2GLRS.10/58/2003-2004. Item: D-14(Conductor, # 6 Quaduplex) Qnty : 400KM. Amount : 536,960 D-25(Conductor, # 6 Quadruplex). 300KM
22. REB/DP/IDA/1GLR5A.4/09/2002-2003 Item : D-12(Conductor, # 3 Duplex) Qnty : 1000KM. Amount : 657,115.00 D-14 (Conductor, # 3 Quarduplex) – 200KM, D-25(Conductor, # 6 Quarduplex) – 100KM
23. REB/DP/IDA/2GLR-5.8/66/2005-2005 Item: D-11(Conductor, # 6 Duplex). Qnty : 3000 KM. Amount USD849,810.00
24. REB/DP/IDA/2.18G-5.13/2004-2005 Item: D-11(Conductor, # 6 Duplex). Qnty : 3000KM. Amount USD$849,810.00
25. REB/DP/IDA/2.18G-5.14/2003-2004 Item: D-12(Conductor, # 3 Duplex). Qnty : 1300KM. Amount USD$708,500.00
26. REB/DP/ADB-1884/ADBW/48.1(15 PBS-II)/45-1/2004-2005) Item : D-12(Conductor, # 3 Duplex). Qnty : 752KM. Amount USD$485,040.00, D-14 (Conductor, # 3 Quarduplex) 94KM
27. REB/DP/ADB-1884/12P.ADBW-70/76/2004-2005. Item: D-11, (Conductor, # 6 Duplex) 595KM. Amount USD$290,912.00, D-12(Conductor, # 3 Duplex) – 170 KM, D-14 (Conductor, # 3 Quarduplex) – 42.5KM
28. REB/DP/ADB-1884/18P2.ADBW-78/82/2004-2005. Item: D-11,(Conductor, # 6 Duplex) Qnty : 425 KM. Amount US$114,750.00
29. REB/DP/ADB-1884/ADBW-47.1 (15 PBS-II)/54.1/2004-2005 Item: D-11 (Conductor, # 6 Duplex) – 2400KM. Amount US$631,200.00
30. REB/DP/Netherlands Grant/7K NL-33/42/2004-2005 D-11(Conductor, # 6 Duplex). Qnty ; 2,000 KM. Amount : US$968,000.00 D-12 (Conductor, # 3 Duplex)) 400KM, D-14(Conductor, # 3 Quarduplex), D-25 (Conductor, # 6 Quarduplex)
31. REB/DP/Netherlands Grant/7K NL-4.2/28/2004-2005. Item D-11(Conductor, # 6 Duplex) Qnty : 3000 KM. Amount : 789,000.00
32. REB/DP/NOR-04/2001-2002 Item : D-12 (Conductor, # 3 Duplex) D-11 (Conductor, # 6 Duplex)

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)2021-03-11T14:40:21+06:00

Principal: M/s. Zhejiang Zhongda Technical Export Co. Ltd. China.
1. Contract no.Pur-207/2000 (Lot-1) dated 22.02.2000 for operation & Maintenance BPDB’s 33/11KV Sub-station for supply of 50 Nos. 33KV Circuit Breaker and 20 Nos. 33KV Protection Control & Metering Panel. Contract value:
2. For supply of 72 Nos. 33KV OFF Load Isolator for Operation & Maintenance BPDB’s 33/11KV Substation dated 06.11.2000. Contract value:
3. Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. (DESCo)

Principal: M/s. PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk
Contract No.DESCo ICB No.36/2007, Lot-C (Group-1) of Package-1 for procurement of 11KV & 400 Volts Aerial Bundled Cable. Year of execution: 2008. Contract value: U$ 3,045,900

Principal: M/s. W.S. Industries India Limited, India
1. Contract no.Pur-354/97 for supply of 132KV Bushing C.T. for Transformer of Ghorasal Thermal Power Plant on 25/08/1999. Contract value:
2. Contract no.114/97/Lot-3 Dated-02/02/1998.for supply of Insulator String sets for Comilla Baroawlia 132KV Transmission line project. Contract value:
3. 132KV CT/PT/CVT for Rampura Substation of PGCB.
4. Contract No.Pur-116/2001 dated 23.05.2002for supply of 33KV Hardware and connectors form 33KV Line Under Ground Rajshahi Power Distribution Project.

Principal: M/s. MAN Diesel & Turbo, Germany.
We have supplied several Gas Booster Compressors (GBC) through EPC contractors against the following projects:
1. Bibiyana (South) 400MW±10% CCPP Project
2. Ghorashal 300-400MW CCPP
3. Re-powering of Ghorashal Uniit # 4(New Project)
4. Khulna 200-300MW CCPP (New Project)
5. Ashuganj (South) CCPP Project
6. Conversion of Sylhet 150MW to 225MW CCPP
7. Sirajganj 225MW CCPP
8. Sikalbaha 225MW CCPP
9. Shahjibazar 330MW CCPP

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)2021-03-11T14:40:44+06:00

1. Contract No.Pur-127/2001/GRPDP dated 26.01.2003 for supply and delivery of cables and accessories for 11KV and below line construction for Greater Rajshahi Power Distribution Project, Phase-II.

2. Contract No.Pur-146/10-T/2004/Lot-2/Re/ dated 4.3.2007 for supply and delivery of 11KV & LV Cables (Lot-2) for 10-town Power Distribution System Development Project, BPDB BOGRA.

Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. (DPDC)2021-03-11T14:41:01+06:00

Principal: Bharat Bijlee Limited
Supply of 4 Nos. of 75MVA 132/33KV Transformers for the project Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 2(two) New 132/33KV Substation and conversion of 1(one) 132/33KV Regular Substation (Lot-1) under energy efficiency program-II between Siemens AG, Germany & Siemens Bangladesh Limited and Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited in 2013.

Principal: M/s. Jyoti Limited, India
Item: 6.6/11KV-1250 A Vacuums Circuit Breaker (VCB) 14 nos. dated 03.04.2013.

Principal: M/s. Jyoti Ltd. India
Item: VCB & Associated Equipment and Components for different level breakers of different substation. Year of execution: 2013

Principal: M/s. E. Power Engineering, India
Item: On Load Tap Changer(OLTC) for 20/28MVA 33/11KV Power Transformer of Moghbazar & Maniknagar 132/33/11KV Grid substation of DPDC. Year of execution: 2015

Principal: M/s. Larsen & Toubro E&A, Mumbai, India
Executed contract: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 7 Nos. New 33/11KV GIS Substations at B.B. Avenue, BSMMU Hospital, Dhaka Udyan, Green Road Dormitory, Monipuripara, P&T and Segunbagicha on turnkey basis.
Ref. Contract: Lot2-Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 7 nos. New 33/11KV GIS Substation at BSMMU Hospital, P&T, Monipuripara, Green Road Dormitory, BB Avenue, Dhaka Udyan and Segunbagicha on turnkey basis (Contract No.DPDC/PSEEIIP/AFD/2015/Lot-2(33KVSS), dated : 23/06/2016

Notification of Award for supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 33/11KV, 2X10/13.33MVA (Regular Type, AIS) 04 Nos. New Substation (Ghope, Jessore, Binondpur, Rajbari, Chadkathi, Jhalokati and Chanmari Barisal) on turnkey basis (Package No.GD10) under Expansion and Up gradation of Power Distribution System Project, WZPDCL, Khulna. Ref: Tender Inquiry No.27.22.4785.800.50.003. 18.53 Dated: 30/01/2018

Principal: S&S Power Switchgear Equipment Ltd. India
As a local representative we have been marketing their products named Disconnector switches since 2010 during this period we supplied more than 4000 sets disconnector switches in different AIS substation through EPC contractors in different government and private sector customers.

Principal: CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd., India
As a local representative we have been marketing their products named On Load Tap Changer & NIFPS since 2014 during this period we supplied a huge quantity of OLTC equipment in different Private Sector Customers. Beside this, we have supplied their NIFPS (Explosion Prevention and Fire Extinguishing System for Transformers and Reactors) under Govt. utilities such as PGCB & DPDC as well as in different Private Sector Customers (Steel Mills).

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB)2021-03-11T14:41:27+06:00

Principal: M/s. Mehru Elect. & Mech. Engg. P. Ltd
Executed many contracts through EPC contractors on behalf of our principal. Item: CT, PT, IVT, VT upto 400KV.

Principal: M/s. Zhejiang Technical Import & Export Co. Ltd. China
Item: VIZ 230 volts single phase 10(40) Amps kwhr Meters under ADB Loan No.1505 BAN(SF).

Principal: M/s. Zhejiang Technical Import & Export Co. Ltd.
Item: VIZ 230 Volts single phase 10(40) Amps kwhr Meters. Contract no.57297/15-4, Under ADB Loan No.1505 BAN (SF) dated 18.12.1999.

Principal: M/s. Orient Engineering Co., Ltd., China
Item: 02(two) types of cable spout busing and bus bar spout bushing with current transformer. Year of execution: 2015.

Public Health Engineering Co-operation by LGRD (LG – Division)2021-03-11T14:42:20+06:00

Principal: M/s. Zhejiang Technical Import & Export Co. Ltd. China

1. Contract no.ICB-1 dated March-1998 for supply of UPVC Pipes and Fittings.
2. Contract no.ICB-1(extended) for supply of UPVC Fittings dated 18.10.2000
3. Contract no. PMU-ICB-02 dated 1-3-1998 for supply of PVC pipes & fittings.

Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh (EGCBL)2021-02-22T00:57:55+06:00

Principal: Coelme-Italy. Item: Disconnector Switches. Year of execution 2012.
Our principal was technically qualified against the following major project:
i) China Harbour Engg. & Kalindee Rail Nirman (JV) against Jamuna Bridge Railway Link Project under Railway Division Ministry of Communication. Fund source: ADB
ii) LG Engg. & Construction, Korea against Rashidpur-Ashuganj Gas Transmission Pipeline Project under GTCL Bangladesh. Fund source: ADB
iii) Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited(KPTL), Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Transmission Pipeline Project under GTCL. Fund source: GoB and Own funds of GTCL.
iv) China Harbour & Engg. Company for Meghnaghat Power Plant site preparation contract under BPDB. Fund source : GOB
v) GS Construction Co. Korea against Rupsha Bridge Project under Roads & Highways Division, Ministry of Communication. Fund source : World Bank Fund

Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Ltd. (BTCL)2021-02-22T00:47:58+06:00

Principal : M/S Teracom Limited, India.
Contract No.: DP/F-7/IT/2008-2009/49 for supply of 24-Fibre, 48-Fibre, 120-Fibre SM Double Sheath single armored OFC. Quantity: 610 Kms. Year of execution: 2010. Contract value:

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