Principal: M/s. Zhejiang Zhongda Technical Export Co. Ltd. China.
1. Contract no.Pur-207/2000 (Lot-1) dated 22.02.2000 for operation & Maintenance BPDB’s 33/11KV Sub-station for supply of 50 Nos. 33KV Circuit Breaker and 20 Nos. 33KV Protection Control & Metering Panel. Contract value:
2. For supply of 72 Nos. 33KV OFF Load Isolator for Operation & Maintenance BPDB’s 33/11KV Substation dated 06.11.2000. Contract value:
3. Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. (DESCo)

Principal: M/s. PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk
Contract No.DESCo ICB No.36/2007, Lot-C (Group-1) of Package-1 for procurement of 11KV & 400 Volts Aerial Bundled Cable. Year of execution: 2008. Contract value: U$ 3,045,900

Principal: M/s. W.S. Industries India Limited, India
1. Contract no.Pur-354/97 for supply of 132KV Bushing C.T. for Transformer of Ghorasal Thermal Power Plant on 25/08/1999. Contract value:
2. Contract no.114/97/Lot-3 Dated-02/02/1998.for supply of Insulator String sets for Comilla Baroawlia 132KV Transmission line project. Contract value:
3. 132KV CT/PT/CVT for Rampura Substation of PGCB.
4. Contract No.Pur-116/2001 dated 23.05.2002for supply of 33KV Hardware and connectors form 33KV Line Under Ground Rajshahi Power Distribution Project.

Principal: M/s. MAN Diesel & Turbo, Germany.
We have supplied several Gas Booster Compressors (GBC) through EPC contractors against the following projects:
1. Bibiyana (South) 400MW±10% CCPP Project
2. Ghorashal 300-400MW CCPP
3. Re-powering of Ghorashal Uniit # 4(New Project)
4. Khulna 200-300MW CCPP (New Project)
5. Ashuganj (South) CCPP Project
6. Conversion of Sylhet 150MW to 225MW CCPP
7. Sirajganj 225MW CCPP
8. Sikalbaha 225MW CCPP
9. Shahjibazar 330MW CCPP