Project Description

Conductor and Ground Wire Accessories
Accessories in transmission and distribution system means the products/components which are directly in contact with the conductor/cable. IAC manufactures and supplies several types of accessories for its diverse client requirements. One such component is the damper. The vibration damper or stock bridge damper is used to suppress wind-induced vibrations. The self-damping mechanism in transmission lines is not sufficient to control the aeolian vibration and is one of the major cause of fatigue failure of conductor strands or of items associated with the support, use, and protection of the conductor. In addition to the damper, we have other products like

  • Mid Span Compression Joint
  • Repair Sleeve
  • Stockbridge/Vibration Damper
  • Spacer Damper
  • Rigid Spacer
  • Copper Bond

Twin Rigid Spacer

Quad Spacer Damper

Quad Rigid Spacer

Repair Sleeve

Hexagon Spacer Damper


Quad Bundle Spacer Damper

Triple Spacer Damper

Armour Rod

Vibration Damper

Parallel Groove (PG) Clamp

Midspan Compression Joint

Cross By Clip

Tension Clamp

Flexible Copper Bond

Vibration Damper

Mid-Span Compression Joint

Suspension Clamp